Permit License no. º 40/2009, issued by the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development, Lisbon and Tagus Valley (CCDRLVT).

Transportation of waste in the portuguese territory requires mandatory legal documentation, including a waste tracking guide, Model no. 1428-A, of the Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda, SA (INCM), according to rule ner 335/97 of 16 May.

In the specific case of construction and demolition waste (CDW), transport is accompanied by the guides themselves for this waste, in accordance with rule ner 417/2008 of 11 June, and subsequently issued its certificate of waste receipt.

Cross-border waste movements are carried out in accorance with the provisions of Regulation ner 1013/2006 of 14 June, and subject to the ortuguese Environmental Agency (APA) using the Models. ner 1916 and 1916-A or Model ner 1918, depending whether it is dealing with hazardous or non-hazardous waste.