RVO – “Recycling Valuation Outeirense Ltd” is a private limited company incorporated on 18 November 2005.  The company is seeking to establish a strong position in the market and utilize the experience gained buying and selling scrap metal since the mid-80s, when Paulo Jorge Sousa Lopes decided to start this business as a sole trader.

Conveniently located in a geographical area with a number of other scrap metal companies, the firm has a share capital of 75,000 euros.  As at late 2006, RVO’s facilities measured approximately 4,000 m2, and the company had 21 permanent employees.

The growing concerns around sustainable development, has given rise to a new environmentally aware culture, where recycling has an important role to play, and the creation of a legal framework to govern this activity, has generated market opportunities that RVO has sought to take advantage of.

The increase in activities during 2007 gave rise to the purchase and construction of new facility for storage and sorting, increasing the company’s operations to an area of approximately 9,000 m2.

The granting of a business license for conducting waste management mainly sorting and valuation - evidences the commitment of the company towards complying with the necessary legal and regulatory requirements, which the firm faces on a daily basis, as an interesting and permanent challenge. 

Since 2007, against a backdrop of continual and sustained growth and technological progress into new markets, the firm has made a strong investment into its vehicals, equipment and infrastructure.

The evolution of the business is reflected in a company whose business currently has two major components - economic and environmental - with the creation of economic wealth as well as social value (jobs) and and important contribution to environmental protection and resource optimization.

It was considered the leader in the SME sector for electricity, gas and recycling in 20091, due to its growing commitment to exportation.

RVO was again recognised for the quality of their performance and risk profile and granted the status of SME Leader in 2012.

1 According to the "ranking" prepared by Coface and published by Diario Economico n. º 5122, of 24 February 2011.